Pushpita Dey


Since I became a part of the Womoz Community, it has always been my dream to organize an event in Delhi, that will be solely dedicated to Womoz and involvement of women in Open Source Community. So, when the FSA from Jamia Milia Islamia, Farheen Nilofer , approached me to organize one such event in their college, I simply could not refuse. Though, I said “yes” to her, but I was not very sure , whether I would be able to keep my words or not. This is because, both my community leads, the ReMos from Delhi were out of station and unfortunately, I failed to contact them. So, I was just wondering how would I organize this event without their consent. But finally, everything fall into place and the event “Womoz At Jamia” was scheduled on 13th April.
This, being my first Womoz event, I was a bit confused about how to set the agenda and make the plan out for it. So, without any further hesitation, I approached that Womoz, who has always been my bolster in times of need. Yes! I seek help from Priyanka Nag and as usual, she did. 🙂
Before I proceed, I would like to share a small piece of information. For any student of Journalism, Jamia is a dream university. Being a student of this stream, same holds true for me too. So, excitement started culminating few days before the event. I had only a minor problem here. This university is too far from my area of residence. It takes around 3 hours to reach there from my place. But, after all, this was my 1st Womoz event and that too in my dream college, so I did not mind starting at 6:30 am from the hostel for the event. 😛
As the event was scheduled on a Wednesday, both the ReMos from the Delhi community, Ajay Kumar and Anup Mishra, failed to turn up.  🙁 But I am lucky enough to have 3 chaperones from my community, who always stood by me during any event, be it the Kidzilla  or Womoz. They are Kunal, Saurabh and Kanika. This time Bhuvnesh, Nikhil, Yash and Vipin also joined us.
The preludial session on Introduction to FOSS and Mozilla was conducted by Bhuvnesh. Then came my turn when I need to deliver a talk on Womoz and why groups like Womoz is neccessary in an Open Source Community. Earlier, whenever I had a talk,Ajay(ReMo from Dehi) used to point out my drawbacks and as per his suggestions I tried hard to ameliorate myself. I just hope he could have been there to find out whether his trainee has improved or not! 😛


It was really awesome to see that with gradual advent of time, more students from various departments began to deluge in. Saurabh and Kanika took over after my session. They were in charge of hands on session on Webmaker. The penultimate session was on Bugzilla by Vipin. Finally, came the time for much awaited session -the Security Workshop. When it comes to Security Workshop, the guy on whom I could rely the most from my community is Kunal. I am really thankful to him because in spite of being ill, he came for the event. Before we called it a day, we told them how to subscribe for the womoz mailing list and also shared the FSA Sign up link with the students, so that the interested individuals could sign up for the same.
Though, I am not sure , how successful I am as Womoz Community builder in Delhi, but a small change in my community really pleases me a lot. When I joined the community in June’15, I was the only women contributor there. Now, we have around 8 active women contributors, who are really putting their hearts and souls together to expand the community. Hope to see more such enthusiastic contributors from Jamia too. 🙂

The Womoz team from Jamia who made it possible. :)

The Womoz team from Jamia who made it possible. 🙂


Stories That Inspired Us



To celebrate Women’s Day this year, the WoMoz community had decided to share some inspiring stories of different female Mozilla contributors from across the globe. For this, we had asked our WoMoz members to share their stories with us. Stories of their tech journey, stories of their obstacles and hurdles in the open source world and how they overcame those…stories which could inspire others!

To our surprise, we received an overwhelming response from our female contributors, from across the globe. They all had so many awesome stories…they all had so much to share. So here, we collected a few interesting parts of different WoMoz stories:

  • The biggest obstacle that Areej Amer had faced was proving herself! Proving that she could do what people thought was a “guys thing”. She also struggled to encourage other girls to join her in the journey. She went across different cities in her country to show girls that they could do it too and be a part of the amazing technology world and make it even better.
  • Dorothee Danedjo Fouba’s advice to women is to seize the opportunity. She advices all to take the risk! To not be afraid of beginning a new challenge. You need to be focused on your objectives, Try to learn by listening to others. Update your mindset every time after being in contact with inspiring and experienced people. Stay humbled and have and keep faith in God.
  • Estelle Ndedi -Nzalli says that her biggest challenge as a woman in technology is that sometimes women in this field are not taken seriously in her communities. Sometimes they are even marginalized until they prove their capabilities. Their opinions are often questioned by not only men, but also other women of their field.
  • Hakuna Matata’s pledge for last year was to build a bigger commitment with Mozilla by becoming a Mozilla Reps. She says – “I was approved as one of Mozilla Reps in Indonesia on Mozilla’s birthday, March 31st. Such an auspicious day to start doing more and giving more for the community. I wanted to become Reps because I am passionate about community and using community-based organization to make changes. In doing so, I started my Mozilla Reps program by engaging with students from vocational schools in Indonesia. “
  • “I believe in one value that I’m quite sure most people will agree. That is, we want this world to be a better place. So become a Mozillian, spread the web literacy, and telling people how to protect their online privacy is one of my attempts to make this world into a better place. ” – Rizki D Kelimutu
  • Manuela Kouadio inspires women by advising them to be women! She asks them to not wait for men because they are probably waiting for you to give color to their innovation. She advices all women to take your own destiny and enter the opportunities. If on the way you fail it does not matter and it is proof that you are on your way and you go succeed. because success always overcomes failures.
  • Lydienne Charlie says that through the WoMoz programme she learnt that no one should evolve alone society…and that the union makes the strength.
  •  Minette MEYO NDO says – “As a woman working with Mozilla, I’ve learned to always be active, to work hard in order to meet the people we want to train and especially in sharing and solicit people who have more experience than us to do better. The challenges i faced by being a woman in tech are many. People were not accepting that a woman can show them technical things that only men are supposed to do; other people even refused to accept me as such and I had to work hard to earn my place. Today I did it and I’m respected in the field through my work”
  •  As a woman in tech at large, Christine feels that we all have so many challenges. Mainly her environment being reluctant to changes occurring in her life. But this has always acted as motivational factors for her.
  • Ngassa Sophie Monkam says – “Being the Womoz Lead in Bamenda, has given me the unique opportunity to inspire other women in my community. It has created a forum to motivate women’s interest in Technology. As a female Mozillian I have learned that it is never too late to learn new technologies and knowledge is better than silver and gold. I have come to realize that Women are the most influential agents of change in the society.”

All of these and the many other stories which we had read throughout this Women’s Day celebration week has motivated and inspired us in so many ways. Together, we are one big WoMoz family. Wishing everyone a very happy Women’s Day. Thank you all for being an inspiration!

11th Oct 2015: International Day Of the Girl Child



The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030

International Day of the Girl Child (#DayoftheGirl) is celebrated annually on October 11 to highlight issues concerning the gender inequality facing young girls. This year’s theme was “The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.”

There are nearly 600 million girls aged 10 to 19 in the world today, each with limitless individual potential, however they are disappearing from public awareness and the international development agenda. Between inequities in secondary education to protection issues, adolescent girls are uniquely impacted and should benefit from targeted investments and programmes that address their distinct needs. Investing in adolescent girls can have a formidable ripple effect to create a better world by 2030. It’s in our hands to empower adolescent girls with the knowledge, skills and options they need to reach their potential.

On 11th of October 2015, we the WoMoz of Uttar Pradesh celebrated International Day of the Girl, a day when the world comes together to address the challenges that girls and young women face everyday. So we decided to make this day count. This was not a planned event, it was like a day before I just got an idea to do something on this day. I immedaitely picked up my cell and dropped a msg to the WoMoz of Uttar Pradesh. Since, this was a last minute plan so I expected the least number of participation but 4/7 WoMozUP agreed to join me for the cause. I immediately assigned the task to be done. Sneh, one of the active WoMoz of our community took the task to speak to an Ngo/orphanage/shelter home of adolescent girls and made sure that it is done. Jyotsna started designing the cover pic for the #dayofthegirl. Everyone was excited and was fully involved in doing their respective tasks. I started working on the agenda and the planning of what to do the next day. While working on the agenda suddenly somthing flashed across my mind and it was the thought by Nelson Mandella, “It is through Education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor.”


The best way to empower a girl is through education! “Education is Lifesaving.” If you want to change the world, invest in an adolescent girl. An adolescent girl stands at the doorway of adulthood. If she stays in school, remains healthy, and gains real skills, she will marry later, have healthier children and earn an income she will invest back into her family.

Some facts:

• Girls are 6x times less likely to get married as children if they have access to secondary schooling.
• In India, only 1 in 100 girls reaches class 12
• If India enrolled 1% more girls in secondary school, its GDP would rise by $5.5 billion

We decided to educate them, motivate them, empower them and help them in developing the right set of skills they need. We were all set for the day. This was another #WoMozUP initiative to celebrate the International day of the girl child. We reached the shelter home by 4 and started to interact with the girls since they were feeling timid. We made the girls comfortable by talking to them in person and then later asked them to sit in a semi-circle. I started the session by asking them what is so special about the event? As expected the answer was, “Sunday”. The girls didn’t know what was so special about the day. I started the session by telling them what is so special about the day, why are we here and what we want from the girls to do after we leave. After a short intro about the day, I began to talk about the Women leaders who are changing the world and helping shape the future of girls. I could see the the exhilaration in the eyes of the adoloscent girls as I was sharing the motivational stories. They all were content to listen to the stories of the young women leaders and we could see that they aspire to be like them. Now it was time for the girls to tell about themselves and what they wish to become. They started opening up by telling us their name and shared their abmbition with us. I was amazed to listen that more than 50% of the girls want to be a Doctor or Engineer. After knowing their ambition and desire I shared the importance of education is our life and how it is lifesaving. I told them how power of education helps us in fighting with every difficulty and challenges.


Subsequent to the knowledge, I asked them to draw something based on this year’s theme, “The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.” Sejal, helped the girls in the drawing activity. Jyotsna was the photographer for the day. The incredible pics which we see is clicked by Jyotsna. Sneh very well managed the logistics and made it possible for us to do this session.

Special thanks to the WoMoz of Uttar Pradesh for showing up at the last minute and made this event successful. It would have been impossible without the help of the awesome Women of Mozilla Uttar Pradesh.


WoMoz India- Women in Tech, Community Development !

Srushtika Neelakantam


It was just another day, when I saw this blog post inviting women in Mozilla for a community development programme at Hyderabad, India. I was a little reluctant at first as I had never attended an  event in another city or travelled alone ! But, by the end of the day, there was Jafar and Abhiram, who pinged me, encouraging me to attend the event. I got inspired and excited and went ahead and registered, though I had no hopes of getting selected 😉

After a few days I actually got a selection mail and I don’t even remember how I convinced my parents to allow me to go, but they did, considering the learning curve/exposure associated with the event. I was literally on cloud 9 for the remaining week, and as I had exams just before my departure for the event, I did screw up a few of them 😉

Finally the day came, 4th of September. I took an early flight to Hyderabad and joined 5 other WoMoz who had already reached, Shivika, Suchita, Krithika, Vnisha, Jyotsana !! Everyone was so excited to start off and curious to see what’s in store.


We reached Collab House, what an awe-inspiring place !! You just enter there and you have so many ideas already in mind. Soon after, we started off with the first round of discussions.

Day 1

Vineel anna (as he’s popularly called) (“anna” is a term used in South India to refer big brother), started off with introducing Mozilla, its mission, WoMoz and everything else. He clearly specified how awesome our coming three days were gonna be. Akshay, Santosh also spoke about the purpose of this community development workshop and how we were the few lucky ones to get an opportunity to attend this exhilarating event. The rest of the day was spent in some exalting discussions, prudent debates and commoving activities. In just a single day, we already had learnt so many new things and got involved many new activities.

While not forgetting to document every single sentence that was spoken (Etherpad 😉 to the rescue ), we also indulged in exploring other cool projects that were part of Collab House ! One which caught my attention was the  3D printer which they owned and operated. I could scrutinize its working and the technology involved. Mr. Sandeep, who was part of 3Ding, popular 3D printing service, was sweet enough to print a custom keychain for me 🙂

Day 2
More energetic than ever, we started off early. The second day had an added guest speaker, Diwanshi, Mozilla Rep from Pune Community. She is really sweet and always ready to extend a helping hand in whichever way she can ! She followed up on what was covered on day 1 and then we spent most of the time discussing what changes need to be brought out in a woman living in today’s mostly male-chauvinist world.
The next day was to be the main event for other girls from the local Hyderabad colleges, so we quickly started distributing various topics which needed to be covered through the event. Me and Shivika zeroed on Imposter Syndrome as we both strongly felt a need for the community to know, such a thing exists and many of them were secretly a victim of it, we wanted to spread awareness about it, basically. Ideas, strategies, presentations, one of the rare times where Prezi served a really good purpose, not being a critic, though !

All the hard work paid well with Vineel anna’s treat at a nearby Starbucks 😀

We could finally make up a decent presentation for our topic. Our presentation can be found here:
Oh and BTW, on the second day we had a special guest from Bangalore, Moz Santa as he’s popularly called, Galaxy sir 😀

Day 3

The D-Day !! We reached the venue on time. Thoughtworks’ office is really a pleasant and beautiful workspace ! We were welcomed by many women participants who had come from the nearby colleges. Vineel anna gave the initial keynote and handed over the rest to us ! We being newbies, a tad bit nervous started off anyways !


Each one of us did our presentations and everything went on very well ! The various activities we had planned for, were a huge success among the masses 😀 Kritika and Santosh’s session which involved hands-on work continued till evening !


Shivika and I were told that we rocked our presentation. Not sure, how true it is 😉 😛


Imposter Syndrome was something each girl there seems glad to know !21992833806_8af7df98bd_z21832626489_799ce98cdc_o

The “MacBuddies” picture 😀

And before I knew, I was reminded of me being late for my flight way back !

Selfies, Pictures, Hugs, Dramas


Vnisha’s “mat jao na please moment” ..(Translation: Please don’t leave us and go ! ).

I’ll miss each one of them. It was a huge opportunity for learning and it allowed me to get to know Mozilla and especially WoMoz much much better !

Not to forget, Suchita’s “one more picture without specs” moment !!


Laughters, friendship, learning !! Thank you Vineel anna and Santosh anna for inviting me !

21832029628_d78c461395_z 21833243489_e124c8f34a_o

Thank you Flore, for letting share this awesome event here on this blog 😀


Shivika Sahni


My journey with Mozilla is not a very old one. But in this brief partnership of 4 odd months I feel like I have learnt so much that it can fill an entire library. So here I am sharing a milestone event, what many might call a game changer. It was the golden  opportunity to be a Speaker in Dayanand Sagar Institution,Bangalore on 30th March.

“Behind every successful man there is a woman” goes the saying of yore, but in my case it turned out to be quite the opposite and the person I owe my success to is Shreyas, my co-speaker. He coaxed me to come out of my shy and reserved cocoon and go out of my comfort zone into the foray of public speaking. So, after lots of convincing, I packed my bags and traveled  all the way to Bangalore to attend this event. At 2 in the afternoon, sheltered in the comfortable IBM labs away from the blistering summer sun, Shreyas actuated the event with a very interesting activity named “The Spectrogram“.

The game started with this question: “Are women  good managers or not?” As per the rules, the students had to split themselves into three groups: yes, no and maybe.This game paved the way for a healthy discussion on WoMoz, as we like to call us Women in Mozilla. Everyone teamed up and started putting forth their views and opinions. It was  really refreshing to see such an enthusiastic and opinionated crowd.

After this ice breaker in the form of a game, Shreyas gave everybody an introduction to Mozilla, our mission, the open source projects and how to contribute to Mozilla. He also talked about the Mozilla web maker tools(popcorn maker,x-ray goggles,thimble,app maker) and also gave a demo of the  popcorn maker and the Webmaker App. He then asked the students to design their own video. This served the dual purpose of cementing the use of popcorn maker in their minds as well as opening them up for an interactive session rather than a boring presentation. To add spice to the event we came up with the most talked about, the passion and religion of every Indian, the one and only ICC cricket world cup.

I have no qualms in admitting that I suggested the topic purely because I am also one of the gazillion ardent devotees of cricket in India. More so, I was also intrigued to know what was their take on it as they had already proved themselves to be quite the intelligent batch. All the students started working on it with all guns blazing, we also made an announcement that the winner would get the Mozilla swags.

After an hour or so, the new session started, where I was to take the lead. I started the session with a very rudimentary question “ why don’t women contribute to Open source” , “ why don’t they come forward?” I asked every single girl sitting in the room what is the reason behind less participation? (Why) do they feel inferior when it comes to technology and coding? The answers that I received were not very far from what I had expected. phrases such as  “they believe they are not good when it comes to coding” , “women are usually stereotyped in non technology roles”, “women are not cut out for technology” etc etc. The question that followed in natural progression was How to get more women into tech ?

I addressed them more as a peer and tried to break the mental block that women had or what was drilled in their heads by the bias of our patriarchal society. Something that said “women cannot be in technology”. But, the legitimate truth is  Anyone can do it , especially women themselves  😉  and we’ll allow them to get bolder and getting greater appreciation for what they do !! I also spoke about IRC, bugzilla  and mailing lists to get in touch with the Mozillians and WoMoz. I had a discussion with the girls ,talked about their problems in participating and tried solving their issues. Then we distributed the goodies to the winners of popcorn maker. The students were pretty awesome when they have come up with their videos.

I’m still walking the path to achieve the dream I’m chasing after.Don’t know if I can succeed and achieve the ultimate goal of empowering every single mother, daughter and female friends through techs and FOSS . I dare to dream , I dare to dream a country where a girl will prefer to be techie or web maker rather than being a house-hold worker. I know it’s a long way to go but not impossible though.