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Since I became a part of the Womoz Community, it has always been my dream to organize an event in Delhi, that will be solely dedicated to Womoz and involvement of women in Open Source Community. So, when the FSA from Jamia Milia Islamia, Farheen Nilofer , approached me to organize one such event in their college, I simply could not refuse. Though, I said “yes” to her, but I was not very sure , whether I would be able to keep my words or not. This is because, both my community leads, the ReMos from Delhi were out of station and unfortunately, I failed to contact them. So, I was just wondering how would I organize this event without their consent. But finally, everything fall into place and the event “Womoz At Jamia” was scheduled on 13th April.
This, being my first Womoz event, I was a bit confused about how to set the agenda and make the plan out for it. So, without any further hesitation, I approached that Womoz, who has always been my bolster in times of need. Yes! I seek help from Priyanka Nag and as usual, she did. πŸ™‚
Before I proceed, I would like to share a small piece of information. For any student of Journalism, Jamia is a dream university. Being a student of this stream, same holds true for me too. So, excitement started culminating few days before the event. I had only a minor problem here. This university is too far from my area of residence. It takes around 3 hours to reach there from my place. But, after all, this was my 1st Womoz event and that too in my dream college, so I did not mind starting at 6:30 am from the hostel for the event. πŸ˜›
As the event was scheduled on a Wednesday, both the ReMos from the Delhi community, Ajay Kumar and Anup Mishra, failed to turn up. Β πŸ™ But I am lucky enough to have 3 chaperones from my community, who always stood by me during any event, be it the Kidzilla Β or Womoz. They are Kunal, Saurabh and Kanika. This time Bhuvnesh, Nikhil, Yash and Vipin also joined us.
The preludial session on Introduction to FOSS and Mozilla was conducted by Bhuvnesh. Then came my turn when I need to deliver a talk on Womoz and why groups like Womoz is neccessary in an Open Source Community. Earlier, whenever I had a talk,Ajay(ReMo from Dehi) used to point out my drawbacks and as per his suggestions I tried hard to ameliorate myself. I just hope he could have been there to find out whether his trainee has improved or not! πŸ˜›


It was really awesome to see that with gradual advent of time, more students from various departments began to deluge in. Saurabh and Kanika took over after my session. They were in charge of hands on session on Webmaker. The penultimate session was on Bugzilla by Vipin. Finally, came the time for much awaited session -the Security Workshop. When it comes to Security Workshop, the guy on whom I could rely the most from my community is Kunal. I am really thankful to him because in spite of being ill, he came for the event. Before we called it a day, we told them how to subscribe for the womoz mailing list and also shared the FSA Sign up link with the students, so that the interested individuals could sign up for the same.
Though, I am not sure , how successful I am as Womoz Community builder in Delhi, but a small change in my community really pleases me a lot. When I joined the community in June’15, I was the only women contributor there. Now, we have around 8 active women contributors, who are really putting their hearts and souls together to expand the community. Hope to see more such enthusiastic contributors from Jamia too. πŸ™‚

The Womoz team from Jamia who made it possible. :)

The Womoz team from Jamia who made it possible. πŸ™‚


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  1. JBanksy wrote on ::

    Is there any video of this event?

  2. Pushpita Dey wrote on :

    Sorry for my late reply, as I was extremely busy with my exams for the last 2 months. I guess yes. We made a video, but I am not sure whether it was edited or not. I will just find it out.

  3. King4D wrote on ::

    Im really like your blog. really enjoy yor write.. Good Job

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