Adacamp in Berlin and Bangalore (dates changed)



Mozilla is a Gold Sponsor of AdaCamp, “the world’s only conference dedicated to increasing gender diversity in open source software, open data, and similar areas of open technology and culture.” AdaCamp will be hosting events in Berlin (11-12 October 2014), and Bangalore (22-23 November 2014). As Gold Sponsor, Mozilla receives reserved tickets for qualified attendees. Applications to attend AdaCamp are now open. Look forward to a continued strong presence from Mozillians.

/!\ dates for adacamp Bangalore changed

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  1. Alex Bayley wrote on ::

    Just wanted to let you know that the dates for AdaCamp Bangalore have changed. It is now being held on 22nd-23rd November 2014, not the following week. Could you please update this post?

  2. Flore wrote on ::

    OK Alex, done.
    Thanks for the information I will send the updated information through other comm channels in womoz

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