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I can’t find a word to describe this year’s FOSDEM.  “Wow“, “Awesome“, “Cool“, “Fun“, “Beer“, and so much more. Is there just one word for all that? Ah yeah: “FOSDEM:)

This event is still by far my favorite free and open source event. All the things you can learn, do, and see just in 2 days is amazing. I still haven’t got over it. And that’s probably the reason why I’ll keep on going in the years to come.

Anyways, this is not the point. This year in the “Mozilla Devroom” were held many interesting talks. We were less Mozillians than during previous years (as Tristan already explained, Mozilla only sponsored speakers this year), but this permitted more interaction with the other free software projects present, which was really a big positive point.

As I had announced before the event, we held a quick-but-efficient Women & Mozilla meet-up on Saturday afternoon, which was really interesting and fruitful. There were 3 main ideas that we discussed there, and that we will progressively put into action:

  1. We need to develop and maintain more our communication tools. Our blog and video website need more regular content and more authors
  2. We should create a twitter account, in order to reach out to as many people as possible
  3. We should consider dropping our mailing list for a forum
  4. (more info about all this on the WoMoz mailing list. Archives are public)

I gave my talk on Sunday afternoon, presenting the Women & Mozilla project, explaining what we had done during 2010 and what was to come in 2011. You can find the slides here. Everything went well (in spite of the outer-space experience of Saturday night and the inevitable not-so-great-feeling the next day we all had to experience ;) ) and the comments and feedback I received were really interesting and useful. A big thanks to all of you present!

So this sums up pretty much my experience of this year’s FOSDEM. And as always, I can’t wait for next year’s.

(Picture by Vivien Nicolas, featured on Bonjour Mozilla during FOSDEM)

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