Bonjour WoMoz: Dare 2B Digital



(Photo : Lukas Blakk)

The expressions are serious, the looks are passionate… Another mission accomplished for Mozilla and WoMoz! Last Saturday in California was held the Dare 2B Digital Conference,  where they initiated young girls (7th to 10th grade) to the wonders of HTML5 and Universal Subtitles (amongst other things)… and in order to teach them how to become future great hackers! Mozilla sponsored the event and volunteers came to work with these young girls during various workshops. The main idea was to help empower women at an early stage and to help fill the existing gap in technology fields. Lukas Blakk therefore created a video workshop for this event, in order to demonstrate the great things you can do using HTML5 and Universal Subtitles.

Bonjour young ones, and “Bravo” Mozilla and WoMoz. And thanks Lukas for this initiative!

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