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On September 30th was held the Open Diversity Summit during the Open World Forum event. The entire day was dedicated to the main topic Why Women Matter?

I particularly wanted to give some details concerning the workshop we have worked on with Rayna (from April), and that she animated during the afternoon. It was entirely dedicated to creating a Diversity Charter / Statement, intended for FLOSS businesses and communities. Women and men from many different nationalities and from both FLOSS companies and communities participated, and the workshop was quite animated with thoughts and ideas during the entire session.

It is of course impossible during only 2 hours to create an entire Diversity Charter, so we decided that we’d start by establishing the bases for it and draw out the main lines. You can find Rayna’s notes from the session here: http://wiki.april.org/w/OWF_GED_workshop

In the end, it was decided that we would create a work-group that would continue to work on this Charter after the workshop. If you are interested in participating, please feel free to join us on the dedicated mailing list here: http://www.april.org/wws/info/owf-ged (the ml is in English, as well as the wiki)

We hope that this Charter will be adopted by many companies and communities. We intend on working on a “hackable” charter, in order that a maximum of interested companies / communities will be able to adapt it to their particular needs.

As it is also one of WoMoz’ 2010 Roadmap items, we hope that this Charter can be something that we can adopt and, once it is clearly established and ratified, that Mozilla will eventually want to use as well.

So women, men, and basically everyone… join us in the creation of this Diversity Charter, so it can reflect all our beliefs and needs! We would love to have your help and ideas, so that this Charter can be representative of us all, and be as open and participatory as possible.

And a special “Thank You” to April and to Frédéric Couchet for letting us continue to use the mailing list and wiki for this work :)

nb. This post is almost the same as I previously published on my personal blog. However since we have really started working on this charter since, I thought it was important to make another call for participation.

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