Flore Allemandou, The New WoMoz Project Leader!



[Joint post by Delphine Lebédel and Flore Allemandou]

– Delphine Lebédel :

We have important and great news to announce: Flore Allemandou, long-time French Mozilla contributor (in the mozfr project) and amongst the very first members of WoMoz, is taking the leadership of the project as of NOW!!! We are all super excited about this, and can’t wait to start working with her in driving the project forwards.

In fact, I have recently decided to step away from WoMoz leadership, for various reasons that I have explained to the WoMoz community. Briefly: I want to commit entirely to the tasks that have been assigned to me within my new role in Mozilla, and do not have enough free time to dedicate to WoMoz (which I was working on during my free time). It was a hard decision to take, and I have thought about it during a loooong time before taking this decision. But I feel and believe that the project now needs to continue growing thanks to someone who can entirely commit to it – which is not my case. And who better than Flore, who has seen this project grow from it’s very beginning, and has always dedicated so much love and effort to it, to take it on from now? It is with the utmost trust and joy that I pass on the “reins” to this incredible and devoted woman! I am sure she will be an excellent leader, and do not regret a second this decision, although it was hard to take.

I will of course continue to follow the project, and contribute to punctual actions when I am sure I can fully commit to them. WoMoz will in some way always stay my baby, and I can’t wait to watch it grow!

I would like to stay brief and just let Flore fully take on her new role and let her introduce herself now, so I will finish now by saying: THANK YOU WOMOZ ALL OVER THE WORLD. You are beautiful people, you have helped me grow in many ways, and I have learned so much thanks to you. Thank you for your support, for your help, for your hard work, for your joy and all the fun I had 🙂

This is not an “adieu”, but an “au-revoir, et à très vite !”

And long Live WoMoz!!! 🙂 You all rock!

-Flore Allemandou:

When Delphine told the committee she was stepping down from the project, we were stunned at first. Then we began to think who could take her role in the project. A few days later, Kensie sent an e-mail explaining how the project could be driven a bit differently and then avoid the issues we encountered previously that slowed down womoz. In that email, she wrote (on purpose) “let’s say Flore volunteers”… As I read this email, I asked myself “Do I volunteer?”, I already knew the answer: of course, I volunteer! Nonetheless, I decided to take one day of reflection: “I want, but can I do this?” and other questions came into my head. At the end of the day, I heard a small voice telling me “Is there an imposter syndrom out there? Or is it just me?”. And I knew I could do this or at least try my best.

Kensie did not force my hand. But she told me subtly, that she thought I might do a good job there. It’s very important to know that you are not alone and that friends believe in you and will stand by your side. I may be taking the leadership, but we are a team and together we will lead womoz forward. My role will be to lead discussions, set timelines, assign tasks, make decisions if needed and avoid endless and unproductive debates. And if I ever turn to a dictator, it’s everyone’s role to protest.

We have plans for womoz at the summit, we are working on that. We may even have some surprises. My own wish is that we meet as many WoMoz as possible in every location and discuss what we want for womoz, what we could do, what you expect us to do. I will be in Brussels and I’ll be glad to talk about WoMoz, don’t hesitate! The only thing that would annoy me is hearing afterwards “I saw you, but did not want to bother you…”

I have faith in WoMoz, and in the days of doubts we went through, a sentence came back to my mind “Faith manages.”. Believe me, it does!

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