Geek Girls Hangout @Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tanha Islam


We the WoMoz are mainly dedicated to improving women’s visibility and involvement in Free/Open Source and Mozilla, and to increase the number of women contributors. So we the Bangladeshi WoMoz along with the help of MozBD had a small informal meet up planning about the future events of WoMoz.

Event was conducted by me(Tanha Islam), Laila Mustari. We were 6 in numbers. We had girls from 2 different institute. We talked about how to get more women from different aspects. We had 2 newbie with us who were Tahmima Chowdhury Nawrin and her classmate. We had a s.w.o.t analysis of our past activities and planned about future events, how to make them successful ! Our short meet up for 2 hours was successful!



Points we discussed:
-Firefox club (what to & how to)
-Future events(types)
-Hangouts to brainstorm awesome ideas to get more women in tech & Mozilla
-Firefox OS(we had hands on experience as well 😉 )


At last we had a group photo! 🙂

Event on REPS portal :
On FB:
Hashtag was : #gghangoutdhk , #MozBDEventIdea
WoMoz BD on fb: Group , Page

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  1. Fakharuddin wrote on ::

    Great to know that Bangladeshi Girls moved their position with the modern world.

  2. Subin wrote on :

    Proud of you..sister..

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