In India, computer sciences and women aren’t incompatible. However, management and women are.



Summary of an article written by Mathilde Cristiani

Indian girls are massively interested in computer sciences and engineering jobs1. The number of girl teenagers following theses studies has increased by 125% in 2008. They are attracted by information and communication technologies related to environment or electric resources, but not so much by nuclear or aerospace industries. 71% women are careerist, and the same percentage have chosen this stream because of the attractive salaries.

And what about parity? It’s interesting to notice that there are different perceptions of the situation between male and female workers: 55% men think that women and men are equal in the company. But what do women think about that? Only 26% share the same opinion. So, who tells the truth? We can see that in fact only 30% women are involved in management activities in their companies.

1 All the statistics are from the Chamber of commerce and industry of India

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