Mitchell Baker Joins Ada Initiative Advisory Board



Awesome news: join us in congratulating Mitchell for joining the Ada Initiative Advisory Board!

For those who haven’t yet heard of the Ada Initiative, it is a

non-profit organization dedicated to increasing participation of women in open technology and culture, which includes open source software, Wikipedia and other open data, and open social media.

The founders of the project are Mary Gardiner and Valerie Aurora, who both have a great experience in Free and Open Source, and have worked with various women in FLOSS groups during many years.

You may find more details concerning the Ada Initiative programs on their projects page as well as their services page.

Again, a big congratulations to Mitchell for joining! We can’t wait to hear more about what will be achieved, and have no doubt of the success of this project.

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  1. Neil Rashbrook wrote on ::

    Somehow your image has a <strong></strong> after it. This confuses Planet Mozilla, which turns it into a <strong/> which is illegal HTML and is parsed by Firefox as <strong> and turns the rest of the page bold 🙁

  2. Delphine wrote on ::

    Yeah, don’t know how that happened. I’ve corrected that now 🙂

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