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Quick post to announce that we’ve counted the number of women employed in Mozilla (so this means counting people from Mozilla Corp, Foundation, contractors and interns) with Pascal Chevrel and here are the numbers we have reached:

there are 68 women out of a total of 406 people, so this means a percentage of 16.75% women in Mozilla (Data collected from the Mozilla internal phone book). This is quite a good result when you consider that the percentage of women in FLOSS is more around 2% (according to FLOSSPOLS)

Of course this number will probably be fluctuating quickly as there are continuously new people coming to work in Mozilla, as well as employees leaving. But we’ll regularly keep track of these changes, and let you know if any significant change in numbers occurs.

Here is a quick diagram that gives an overview of what these women are working on and in which domains:

Also, the results of the internal WoMoz survey concerning the women active contributors in Mozilla are currently under analysis. The goal of this survey was to get a better overview of the profile of women contributing in Mozilla, as well as  gather their activities and perceptions in the institution. The main purpose of the survey is to detect areas of improvement related to gender issues in Mozilla and FLOSS communities. The WoMoz survey team is working right now on comparing their analysis, and we’ll of course share all this publicly once it’s done. But we do hope the numbers will be as positive for contributors as it is for the employees!

Stay tuned…

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  1. Laurens Holst wrote on ::

    What’s the percentage of women among developers?

  2. sethb wrote on ::

    During my studies in grad school, we had a group called Women In Leadership. Because b-school had, roughly 75/25 male/female breakdown, women founded this group to bring leadership issues to the forefront of our graduate school experience. Each year, they host a WiL conference at Berkeley. Have you thought about presenting some of your findings, hopes, ideas, and goals at a conference like this? It might be worth investigating. Last year’s conference website:

  3. Delphine wrote on ::

    Lauren: the percentage of women developers is of 13.24% amongst the total number of women in Mozilla. Amongst women AND men, the percentage of women developers is of 2.21%

  4. Delphine wrote on ::

    sethb: thanks for your comment and info. It’s a very good idea to do this and I’d love to attend such a conference to get some feedback there – would be really interesting to see what comes out of it. I’ll definitely check this out!

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  6. Anamaria wrote on :

    re: “Amongst women AND men, the percentage of women developers is of 2.21%” Oh so sad to hear that 🙁

  7. Delphine wrote on ::

    Yes but again, if you consider that in FLOSS there are around 1% women developers (max.) then again, the numbers here are higher!

  8. pascal wrote on :

    Is that 2.21% of the 406 employees that are developers or 2.21% of the developpers working for Mozilla (that is a lower number than 406)?

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  10. Delphine wrote on ::

    pascal: yes, it’s that 2.21% of the 406 are developers.

  11. Cecilia wrote on :

    I’m really interested in todays situation, do you have an update of these numbers?

    Thanks a lot!

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