WoMoz: Links to News



Here are a few links to recent posts and news that concern women in Open Source and computing:

WoMoz Planet



Quick post to announce that WoMoz now has it’s own Planet, which you can find here:


The Planet is still in a beta phase, but it will be evolving quickly with the new design that will take over most of the WoMoz websites.

Stay tuned for more content, design, and news!

A special thanks to Lukas Blakk and Julia Buchner for setting up the planet!

Ada Initiative Census: Last Day!



Passing the word concerning the recent census launched by the Ada Initiative. I took it and it really takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete (actually, even less for me). It’s for women and men, and if you still haven’t done it I strongly recommend you do!

Ada Initiative Census is a periodic survey of women in the open
technology and culture community, designed to “take the temperature” of
women’s participation in open communities. Our goals are to learn what
projects women are working on, and how women are treated in each

We will use the results of this survey to help design
other Ada Initiative projects. The census will be repeated from time to
time to help us understand changes in the community over time.

As I mentioned, the census is quick and takes 5 minutes to complete. End date is Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 (TODAY!).

Take the Ada Initiative Census

Mitchell Baker Joins Ada Initiative Advisory Board



Awesome news: join us in congratulating Mitchell for joining the Ada Initiative Advisory Board!

For those who haven’t yet heard of the Ada Initiative, it is a

non-profit organization dedicated to increasing participation of women in open technology and culture, which includes open source software, Wikipedia and other open data, and open social media.

The founders of the project are Mary Gardiner and Valerie Aurora, who both have a great experience in Free and Open Source, and have worked with various women in FLOSS groups during many years.

You may find more details concerning the Ada Initiative programs on their projects page as well as their services page.

Again, a big congratulations to Mitchell for joining! We can’t wait to hear more about what will be achieved, and have no doubt of the success of this project.

Cocktail GiTParis WoMoz – We found the place



Here we go, we found the place to take our first cocktail Girls In Tech WoMoz, it’s the Great Canadian which will receive us on March 17th at 6:30pm. Registrations on the website are already complete (amazing, only one day after the announcement), but don’t have any hesitation to come anyway, you’ll be welcome !

Address : 25 Quai Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris
Website : http://www.tgcparis.com
Google Maps : link