Bonjour WoMoz: Alina Mierlus




(Photo : Anamaria Stoica)

Alina Mierlus is Romanian, but she’s been living in Catalonia for several years now. Alina is a free software hacktivist. She did an internship during a few months for the Free Software Foundation Europe in Berlin, and then worked several months for Mozilla Foundation in order to promote the Drumbeat project. She’s also helped organize numerous events in Catalonia and Romania. To top it all off, Alina found love at Mozilla: she lives with Toni Hermoso Pulido, the Red Panda’s Catalan localizer! Last but not least, Alina is also member of WoMoz, which definitely makes her a great person! 😉

Bonjour Alina!

Mozilla at Dare 2b Digital Conference…



…or teaching young girls how to become future awesome hackers!

Yes, that’s right. Let me explain: Mozilla will participate in the Dare 2B Digital Conference next Saturday, February 12th. The intent of this event is to introduce girls (7th to 10th grade) to the wonders of computer science and electrical engineering. Mary has written an awesome report concerning our upcoming participation there, which I highly recommend you read. In the meantime, here’s a summary of what all this is about.

With the idea to empower women at an early stage and bridge the existing gap in the workforce of technology efforts, Dare 2B Digital Conference will host an event in Mountain View (California) composed of various workshops and activities in order to interest young girls in STEM fields. Their mission, as they put it, is to
ensure that women are fully represented in the wide spectrum of exciting, creative and lucrative careers that leverage an education in Computer Science. Dare 2B Digital reaches out to girls – middle school and high school students – including those in underserved communities, who use familiar technology everyday (cell phones, video games, the Internet), but who usually do not consider careers that envision, develop, market, sell, apply, or rely on these and other technologies.

Lukas Blakk is going to showcase a video workshop there, in order to demonstrate all the great things you can do using HTML5 and Universal Subtitles. Will be present as well from Mozilla: Marcia Knous, William Reynolds and Rainer Cvillink. The idea is to show these girls how cool and fun it can be to work in a STEM field. And we need your help to do so!

Yep, you can get involved in the fun too, and here’s how: we currently need localizers’ participation to help translate subtitles online during the event. You can sign up here on the Mozilla Wiki to give us a hand.

There are 3 workshops where you can help out on Saturday:

10:15am – 11:30am PST

12:30pm – 1:45pm PST

1:45pm – 3:00pm PST

As the wiki sign-up page explains, the key components of this tutorial will be demonstrating the Miro Converter, Universal Subtitles, and a little bit of Popcorn.js where the girls work on doing subtitles for clips of footage shot during the day to share online and adding some dynamic content to the media.

Interested? I’m sure you are! So don’t be shy, come and sign up here to help out. 🙂


WoMoz at FOSDEM 2011



Women & Mozilla will be present once again at FOSDEM in Brussels this year, from February 5th – 6th 2011. This will be the occasion to reach out to women developers present at the event, as well as to present the WoMoz project, our 2010  work and our plans for 2011, during a talk on Sunday:

We would also like to invite people interested to join us for a WoMoz meet-up on Saturday afternoon on the FOSDEM campus, around 17:00 CET. We will meet at the Mozilla booth and head on over to a free room (still TBD). Our idea is to gather during one hour and discuss our plans and ideas for the future, and to get as much feedback and opinions as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions about this meet-up here: delphine at mozilla dot com

Can’t wait to see you there!

Some News About WoMoz… Or Why WoMoz Started in Paris.



(Post written by Claire Corgnou, Kinouchou and Delphine Lebédel)

You probably remember the different stats, charts and posts on this blog (and others) that illustrate how few women are involved in FLOSS communities and Mozilla. We often use these kind of stats in our Women in Mozilla  talks. You might think the point with this is to complain about Mozilla (or other Free and Open Software projects) not hiring enough women? Well it sure isn’t! The truth is that we mainly use these stats to show how few women *dare* to lead their lives out of the common stereotypes.
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