Redesigning the Website



We are currently working on redesigning the Women & Mozilla Website, in order to make it clearer and more in phase with the other existing Mozilla Websites. For the record, this will be v3 of our website and hopefully the closest to the final version!

If you’d like to participate and help out with the new design, please join the WoMoz Website Team on Facebook:

Our next meeting is tomorrow, Thursday December 2nd at 2pm CET, on the IRC #womoz channel. Again, feel free to participate or to leave ideas in comments below!

Masculin ou Féminin?



A recent comment on the WoMoz mailing list brought up the issue of English speakers using a default gender when referring to things where the gender is unknown.  This got me thinking.  It’s an old conversation, one I can remember as a child being raised by feminists. In English, the “correct” default gender is male, example: If someone has a question, he should post it to the newsgroup.  Nowadays we try and avoid it by using they, albeit incorrectly. You see it in other places, some more extreme or more widely adopted than others: removing the “men” from women à la womyn, herstory instead of history, and so on.
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WoMoz Internal Survey: Results and Conclusions



The WoMoz survey team has led an internal survey amongst women Mozilla community members and have analyzed the results. As promised, we are now making the analysis of the survey public.

Intro and Background

The goal of the survey was to get a better overview of the profile of women contributing in Mozilla, as well as to gather their activities and perceptions. The main purpose of the survey was to detect areas of improvement related to gender issues in Mozilla and FLOSS communities. Now that we have the results, the answers are helping us to determine Women & Mozilla’s further actions and to give more visibility to women’s work.
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Open World Forum: Join the Diversity Summit!



You wonder why women are so few in the Free and Open Source area? You feel like the situation can change? On September 30th, in Paris, come to debate these questions!

The Open World Forum in Paris (September 30th – October 1st) will host in this year’s 2010 edition a think tank called “Open Diversity Summit: Why women matter?“:

Free Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) is fundamentally changing
the IT industry. It is undoubtedly a tremendous success, both in
economic and social terms. However FLOSS still faces gender
inequality, to an even greater extent than the wider IT industry which
itself is seen as an area where discrimination is widespread. This
summit will showcase approaches to tackling gender diversity from
across the Open Source world.

The Gender Equality and Diversity Team (OWF-GED), of which some WoMoz members have taken part in, are proud to present these panels this year.

The entrance is free, however registration is necessary:

So if you are in the area and this topic interests you, please don’t hesitate to hop by!