Next Tuesday: “La Nuit des Tech Girls”, Paris



WoMoz, Girlz In Web, Girls In Tech and more will be presenting their projects at an exclusive event in La Cantine (Paris) on Tuesday, June 29: “La Nuit des Tech Girls”. It will be a great opportunity to meet many different women-in-tech groups, as well as exchange ideas and opinions with all participants. Julia Buchner and Delphine Lebédel will be presenting the Women & Mozilla project there.

So if you are in the area of Paris next Tuesday, we hope to see you there!

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My Impressions of the Ubuntu Developer Summit



Translation from Kinouchou’s original French text, by Delphine. Kinouchou is an active Women & Mozilla contributor, as well as an active member of the Ubuntu-fr community.

Here are my impressions and point of view of the UDS: how it took place, what I was expecting, and what it brought me.

From May 10-14 2010 in Brussels (Belgium) was held the UDS, the Ubuntu Developer Summit. During an entire week, the Canonical employees as well as many developers from Ubuntu, Gnome, and other FLOSS projects from the entire world gathered in order to meet, work and prepare for the future version of Ubuntu.

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Open World Forum: Gender Diversity Poll



We are a non-profit organization for free/open source experts, managers and contributors wishing to help shape a more open and diverse free/open source world.

We think that the free/open source world is based on strong values, such as liberty, altruism and collaboration. And yet, it seems that the free/open source world does not equally address both men and women. In order to better
understand the place of women in the free/open source world, we have developed a survey for the communities, companies and players of the free/open source world.

As a member of the Free/open source world, your opinion is very important to us. We would be truly thankful if you could take no more than 10 minutes to complete the following questionnaire:

The results will be analyzed by researchers in Education Sciences at Paris Descartes University and released at the Open World Forum on September 30th in Paris:

Should you have any questions, comments or wish to contact us, please send an email to

We thank you for your contribution!

On behalf of the Diversity Summit Team,

Meet Flore, long-time French contributor in Mozilla!



Not that many women in FLOSS, eh? So let’s try and show what women are working on inside of Mozilla and give them a little bit more visibility…

WoMoz is proud to present Flore Allemandou and her contributions and hard work through a quick video (approx. 5min). The quality is not perfect but others will follow and we’ll get better as time goes on ;)

So here we go:

Thanks Flore for this interview!

How I Discovered that I have Access to Everything, But Not From the Usual Place…



I don’t know if you travel a lot or not. However in my case, 2 years ago I was living in the UK, and was able to watch and record everything on UK TV and on the radio. 3 months ago I was in France, able to do the same on French TV and radio. And now, I find myself in Germany. I have the same computer, with the same bookmark. And yet, something is not working the way it used to be.

These are the 3 biggest European countries. Except you can’t have access to the same information on the Internet in the same way.

Let me explain.

I can’t stop having this really boring message “This video contains content from xxx. It is no longer available in your country.” Where xxx is Sony or WMG or whatever major you can think of. And I really do not understand why this is happening. Because 2 years ago or even 3 months ago, it was fine, I was able to watch this video (or to hear this song). And now it seems that I am punished for not being in the country where a contract has been signed between whoever I do not have anything to do with.

The funny thing – because it is really funny (or not really actually) – is that I can still access the same song, video or program or whatever. Yes, I can. I just need to go to another website. EMI songs are not available from Germany on Youtube, that’s why there is an official EMI channel on Dailymotion where I can access everything. Or better, I do not have any access to the biggest French and UK TV channels (BBC, TF1, France Télévisions…) over the Internet to watch live programs or available content, I just need to switch on my television and here they are. Yes, I can watch them on my TV but not on my computer. And please note that even if I am happy to pay in this case, I still can not access those contents on the Internet.

Deezer: no it’s not working here (yup, there is no Deezer in Germany), so you can go to Groovehsark. It does solve this issue on a per song point of view, however what happens for your playlist? Sorry gals and guys, you just have to create it again. Oh and Spotify, do you know that Spotify is not available in Germany? I mean not really, because as a premium member I can use it according to their website

To continue using Spotify from abroad, sign up for Spotify Premium  which gives you unlimited travel access.

It is not that I really have an access, it is just that I say I am living in France and on a very-long-trip in Germany and as I am a premium member actually it does the trick.

Have you heard about the Ken Loach story? Ken Loach decided last Month to stream for free all his movies on Youtube. Every week a new movie was due to be available on his channel. A really great idea for such a controversial artist. I don’t really know what happened. At the moment, only 2 movies are available and we can read this on his channel

We have been asked by distributors in France, Belgium and the Netherlands to block the films on this channel from these territories. We have also been asked by another party to remove ‘Riff Raff’, ‘Raining Stones’, ‘Hidden Agenda’ and block ‘The Navigators” from the UK. We sincerely apologize and hope to resolve this matter soon.

So I am not sure what to do and what to think about this situation. In some cases, I do believe that sadly the only solution is to download illegally those files or to install a VPN (or any other solution that makes a website believe you are in the same country). The person is the same, the only difference is where you are accessing from. I do not understand why it is making such a big difference. And I am not even talking about all the American websites like Vevo on Youtube, Hulu or the American TV Broadcast Channel Websites where you can watch the series’ episodes or even the Apple Store. No, I am just speaking about Europe. And how the contents are available legally but not from every distribution channel/website available.