New WoMoz IRC Channel



WoMoz has moved on IRC:

we’re now on #womoz on the Mozilla IRC network: irc://

We’ve made this change because the channel was created before the community had actually decided of an official project name. Now it just seems absurd and confusing to stay on a #mozillawomen channel when the project is called Women & Mozilla (or WoMoz).

So this is why we’ve moved!

Are they (finally) noticing?



These past months have been celebration-packed times… as always of course.

But they’ve also been a period filled with news and information concerning women in open source and computing. So it still seems as though the subject is gaining more and more importance as time goes by.

And this is fantastic news.

Here in WoMoz we constantly highlight how important it is that women be more visible in open source and how it is essential that they regularly present or talk about their work and accomplishments (just as everyone should do actually – we’re not “free” and “open” for nothing 😉 ).

We are very, *very* few women in open source, so it becomes extra important to make some noise around our accomplishments if we don’t want to become completely invisible (on top of being almost inexistent in FLOSS…). The fact that there are so many more articles addressing the subject is already really good news and a big step towards gaining more visibility.

There also seem to be more and more frequent “geek girl meet-ups” coming up: Microsoft sponsors some Girl Geek Dinners (like the one in Paris, France) and from what I understand Ubuntu apparently will soon be sponsoring their own kind as well.

So what about Mozilla in all this? Should we start promoting and sponsoring on a regular basis our own type of “geek girl” meet-ups too?

On a personal note, I must admit though that I’d rather not create yet another separate “Geek Girl Dinner Thing” (especially if Ubuntu are going to create their own): personally I’d rather get together with other FLOSS organizations / companies  / communities / whatever (like Ubuntu) that are already organizing these gatherings to see how we can work together on this, instead of dividing up our strengths. (remember: “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow” according to Linus’ Law 😉 ). Any ideas about this are welcome of course.

That said, and without further ado, here are some random links to articles and news that discuss the “women in open source and computing” topic, and that have appeared lately on our beloved Web:

Stay tuned for more: we’ll be regularly adding new articles and links concerning the “women in FLOSS” subject on the WoMoz blog from now on.

Want to Help Out with the WoMoz Video Site?



The Women & Mozilla Video Website is live and you can help it grow!

We’ve recently added a video website to our WoMoz project tools. This Website has been created mainly in order to:

  • give everyone access to online video tutorials about Free Software and Mozilla
  • publish interviews of women contributors and portray their outstanding work inside FLOSS communities
  • display video content about the women in computer science / FLOSS subject
  • publish existing conferences done by women in FLOSS and IT

You can all help by uploading video content onto this new site!

If you feel like a video makes sense in regard to the list above, please feel free to submit it directly from the site’s main Home page. (no account necessary to upload videos, just click the “Submit A Video” button and a site administrator will approve them)

The video website is new and we’re still working on improving it (we’ll also be integrating the videos into the main WoMoz site soon). So please don’t hesitate if you have any suggestions concerning it’s further development, we’re all ears.

And last but not least, a *huge* thanks to Janet Dragojevic and to the Miro Community for this video website!

WoMoz project update



Here is  a quick update concerning the WoMoz project:

Note on next week’s planned WoMoz IRC monthly meeting (12/24/2009):

Thursday session will most surely be adjourned and postponed until January, as it will be the 24th of December and many are away.

Have a great holiday all!

WoMoz Monthly Meetings



WoMoz held its first meeting last Thursday, November 19th on IRC channel #mozillawomen. The Meeting Notes can be found here.

We created a dedicated section for WoMoz meetings in the Mozilla Wiki Community Calendar, as well as the WoMoz Meetings wiki page.

From now on, we will be holding Women & Mozilla meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month. The meetings will take place on IRC channel #mozillawomen, at 18:00 UTC / 10:00a Pacific.

We’ll be focusing more on IRC meetings as many prefer using this way of communication for the moment. Since this has worked out fine last time, we’ll continue until we see it becomes better or necessary to hold calls as well.

Quick update on project:

  • Improving the wiki: structure, content, menus, integration of different websites
  • Creating a survey: Why are there so few women in Open Source? Is it that they leave or don’t join in the first place? (feel free to leave your opinion about this in the comments below if you wish!)
  • Creating a section that emphasizes how important it is that women already implicated in open source be more visible
  • Making a video interview