WoMoz Warangal’14

Hema Bhanu


This time Mozilla Club Warangal came up with this extremely wonderful event especially for girls-“WoMoz Warangal’14”.Actually,we planned this event on 9th august,but due to few reasons we preponed it to 28th july.God has a reason behind everything that happens.And yea,this event made my opinion strong.Cause,if we would have done it on 9th,we wouldn’t have got this huge response.

As we preponed the event,we were under lot of pressure,my joining date was nearing and the only thing that I had in my mind is to make this event and make female students be part of open source and mozilla community.I was ready for the challenge.”When god has put something on my heart to do,I can do it”,I strongly believed in this.I made the mozillians and my friends this thought of mine.And,the team responded so positively that they immediately reacted and we started planning accordingly.

We only had a week time in our hands and we didn’t waste a single day.We spent each and every day in making preparations.We even went for campaigning to reach maximum female students.We released a teaser for this event and we did all those things that we planned to do on 9th.may be we couldn’t have done this wonderful if it was on 9th.The only objective is to increase female contribution in FOSS and Mozilla.

Finally,the day has come and we got into action.We executed our plan well,all the teams co-operated so well.Though it was raining heavily that day,we got our target participants.Around 250 girls from various engineering colleges came up to the venue.When I went into the auditorium,I was shocked to it packed and we started it by a formal inaguration and after that we started with the sessions.In the morning session,I covered the womoz and then on I moved with the basic concepts of Javascript and it was a Hands-on session.After the lunch,we divided the strength into two batches who can choose either Webmaker or Localization where app development and firefox os were made mandatory.All these were Hands-on sessions.Later,we collected video feedbacks.Certificates were distributed to all the participants and the active participants were shortlisted and asked to collect goodies.

At the end of the day,trust me,we were able to satisfy all the 250 participants and am very much sure that this program gonna give community a good number of female contributors.My Inbox overflew with messages.I received around 70-80 mails who felt that this event really helped them knowing the WoMoz platform and many of them wanted to have a womoz club in their college and asked to conduct many such events.



I am overwhelmed with such an awesome response.I am so happy that I met the event metrics and especially made the participants feel a worthy day.It’s time to mention few people whom you can consider as the hero’s of the event:Hemanth,Ajay Jogawath,Bhargav Gupta and Maniraj, Who worked so hard and encouraged me.Santhosh-Rep from Hyderabad,who came here without any hesitation and who took the app development session.The Balaji college Mozilla club members:Vijay,Bala and Sandeep.The registration desk members:Bharathi,Sindhu,Srujana,etc,who are also now the members of WoMoz Warangal Group and The person who captured these memorable event:Samarpan Raj.My Mentor Mr.Gautam Raj,who is very supportive.The man behind the designing and teaser creation:Akash Harsha.The Jayamukhi Group Of Institutions for providing the venue.Each one of you,thak you so much for being with me and making this possible.Above all,to all the female participants,Thank you so much and WoMoz is ready to welcome you all!!

Yes,am proud of organising such a wonderful event and yes,”We Women make Web better” :).
These are the links of flickr and feedback videos,hope you like them 😀
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ajayjogawath/sets/72157646066686232/
Youtube,Feedback vidoes: http://youtu.be/LofvoJu-lO0

Adacamp in Berlin and Bangalore (dates changed)



Mozilla is a Gold Sponsor of AdaCamp, “the world’s only conference dedicated to increasing gender diversity in open source software, open data, and similar areas of open technology and culture.” AdaCamp will be hosting events in Berlin (11-12 October 2014), and Bangalore (22-23 November 2014). As Gold Sponsor, Mozilla receives reserved tickets for qualified attendees. Applications to attend AdaCamp are now open. Look forward to a continued strong presence from Mozillians.

/!\ dates for adacamp Bangalore changed


CTG WoMoz Tech Fest

Maliha Momtaz Islam


So far the experiences that i have gathered volunteering for mozilla , had never been so awesome . Probably what i experienced  on 23rd may , 2014 can be counted amongst the best times  i had in my life ! And why it won’t be ? We actually took one step further to aware and inspire female folks of our community to come out of the cocoon and make a difference in the statistics of FOSS and techs.

womoz Bangladesh

I thought out of the CTG WoMoz Tech Fest initiative early in February when i was an FSA and really wasn’t aware if an event like this would be possible to arrange . Details can be found here . I planned it a bit big  actually , Thinking of an National all female App day and hack day where women through out the country would participate but there was a bit dilemma as our initiative WoMoz BD was very new. So we separated the plan into major divisional tech fests which was planned to be initiated with CTG WoMoz Tech Fest.

We had three volunteer’s meet-ups to plan and distribute duties of volunteers.  The first volunteer meet-up was held on 11 th April , 2014 entitled “Open Q/A MozHour and CTG Womoz Tech Fest volunteer meet-up#1” . Then the second volunteer meet-up was scheduled on 12th May , 2014  entitled “CTG Womoz Tech Fest Volunteer Meet-up #2 ” for reassessment and  discussion on success scenario  of the duties assigned  and calculation of the tasks pending etc . We executed our promotional activities by postering , launching promotional video and inviting 20 reputed educational institutions of Chittagong (CTG)   from 15 th May , 2014 to 20 th May , 2014 . The final meet – up was planned on 22nd May  when we finally checked and cross checked all the PCs of the labs , checked power supplies , ensured power back ups , have the new firefox , firefox OS Simulator , ADB installed in them beforehand to ensure a congenial environment for the participants. Our local FSAs Raju Meaji , Towfique Anam Rine , Navid Ahsan volunteered for this task. We also distributed the tasks of the volunteers and supplied them their duty regulation chart with event plan . Our App dev TF lead Rahid Hasan gave a general overview to the field facilitator volunteers  of App train session and webmaker session . You can find the details in the respective blogs  linked up.


Our Community Lead and local mozillians with invited guests

FINALLY 23rd May , 2014 came , more than hundred female participants from 18 different educational institutions including Universities , schools , colleges  came together to hack the web using open standards ! Chittagong Independent University’s Proctor  Rashid Ahmed Chowdhury , lecturer of CSE faculty Mohammed Arif Hasnayeen and MD. Mahmudur Rahman from International Islamic University Chittagong  ,  Lecturer Nayan Debnath from Port City International University , Lecturer of CSE and EEE faculty Sanjida Sharmin and Samiul Alam from University of Science and Technology Chittagong , lecturer of CSE faculty Priyam Biswas from Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology were present to encourage our participants.


Participants’ Crowd At The Registration Confirmation Booth

 We opened the registration line for the participants in April , 2014 and marked the finishing line to be on 20th May, 2014 . During this period over 260 registrations were received but due to having limited seats we couldn’t accommodate all  and thus followed first come first served method in selecting participants . Participants were confirmed in two phases . We contacted them over phone first , then we sent out confirmation and instruction mail to the participants with full event plan , session details .

The selected and confirmed participants  started reporting in the check in booth  from 8:30 AM  which continued up to 9 :30 AM . There they collected their breakfast , guidance and direction . The whole process of participant selection and participant confirmation was lead by our awesome womoz volunteers Naima Sultana , Sumi Khatun and Rahima Siddiqa Zimmeem .


                             Moments from Combined Morning Session

Later on Mozilla Bangladesh community lead Mahay Alam Khan gave an elaborate overview on open source , mozilla , mozilla’s mission , mozilla’s pathways , mozilla Bangladesh community in his key note speech .

Keynote Speech session was followed by the Demo Booth and Photo Booth Session.  Starting from 12 PM to 1 PM .We displayed and demonstrated Firefox OS powered Geeksphones KEON and PEAK in the Demo booth . But in the photo booth we used Web RTC to click instant photos which created a buzz in the crowed ! Find more photos in the flickr album below .



                       Moments From The Demo booth and Photo Booth

Then we had a prayer break and lunch break . After that we started our two technical sessions  parallely . More than 70 participants participated in webmaler session . This session was lead by Mahay Alam Khan . Local FSAs Imtiaz Noor Peal , Ananda Das , Akramul Haque Yeasin , Shamsuzzaman Sadi helped out the participants as field facilitators.


Moments from Webmaker Session (one of the Three rooms)

The participants of this sessions were given the ideas of basic concepts of web , the way we’re trying to convert the web users into web makers ,  concept of using webmaker tools . Later on they remixed some makes using thimble ,  had fun learning with x-ray googles and popcorn maker.


Moment from Firefox OS App Training Session

Another session was on Firefox OS app train which was lead by Rahid Hasan . Over thirty participants participated in this session . Our field facilitator volunteers  Towfique Anam Rine , Porag Das and Nafiul Pantha helped out the participants .  The participants were given ideas on how to develop a firefox OS app , the prerequisites to develop one , WEB APIs , Firefox Marketplace etc . After successful accomplishment of the technical sessions we provided them with some cool swags (i.e. Firefox logo t-shirts , wrist bands , webmaker  t-shirts , stickers , badges etc). All the participants were really excited and happy to receive those swags !!


On Receiving Cool Swags and T-shirts !!

Then with the evening snacks we concluded the whole event in the wrap up session. The impact of this tech fest is not just finished yet with this time frame but it will measurably increases women’s confidence and knowledge in open technology and culture cautioning them about their privacy in web – in an environment that more often pushes women towards the door. Also it  both empowered  young  women in our country to take up the challenge and gave them some primary idea to get started with .


Participants wishing best of luck to CTG WoMoz Tech Fest !

Enthusiasm of the participants was praise worthy . Later on in the interactive part of the wrap up session participants expressed their thought on carrying on the open web loving trend among them .  We were able to recruited more womozes , created a womoz buzz in the region , made them aware of our path ways  and  mozilla’s mission , tools promotion.  In a word we achieved our success metrics quite well ; better then we expected actually !

Heros Who Worked Behind !

When I initiated the plan of  divisional tech fests leading  to all female national appathon i knew a little and wasn’t  sure if this was even possible to accomplish . Lots of uncertainties , problems and issues were there to deal with . Even at a point i got demoralized that “let it be … i can’t do this” but thanks to our community lead  Mahay Alam Khan and local reps Rahid Hasan , Ashickur Rahman Noor , Mashkawat Ahsan , Tanha Islam , Belayet Hossain , Shafiul Azam , Aniruddha Adhikary  , Ratul Minhaz  who helped me a lot through out the journey to organize such an event as a kick start . The enthusiasm and support of CTG’s local mozillians and FSAs Fahria Kabir , Nishat Rihana , Romana Momtaz ,  Rakibul Hasan , Towfique Anam Rine , Shamsuzzaman Sadi , Abdul Mannan Asif , Porag Das ,  Navid Ahsan , Raju Meaji , Shahadat Hossain Riyad , Farhana Tonni ,  Naima Sultana , Nafiul Pantha , Akramul Yeasin , Sakir Sazzad , Tanvir Chowdhury , Muslim Uddin Sumon , Roman , Sumi Khatun , Tahmina , Farzana Iqbal , Zimmeem were really praise worthy too.

At the end of the day if i am to summarize “CTG Womoz Tech Fest” then i would definitely say that CTG Womoz Tech Fest is the name of  combined effort of  dedicated mozillians of Mozilla  Bangladesh community  to make a difference rather than anyone’s personal achievement . ” WoMoz ” which’s an initiative to Mozilla is a movement to us . #CtgWomozTechFest

Our Event Hash Tag : #CtgWomozTechFest  | Newspaper Coverage [1]  here |Newspaper Coverage [2] here | Blog post from one of the  volunteers [3]  here |Blog Post from one of the participants [4] here  | A few participants Response [5]  here     | Link to the Photo Album : [6] CTG Womoz Tech Fest Flickr Album | Event Detail [7] Here in Reps Event Portal | One of the developed apps [8] here.

And that’s not just it , keep the hash tag (#CtgWomozTechFest) in mind and see the updated outcomes of CTG womoz Tech Fest cause we’ll be having one post event online session of CTG WoMoz Tech Fest .Upcoming : Hope to update you with Dhaka Womoz Tech Fest soon embedding updated features and event agendas ! #DHKWomozTechFest

Stay Tuned !!  😉

WoMoz Festival in India

Abid Aboobaker


Mozilla Kerala
conducted a WoMoz Festival on March 04, 2014 at Indira Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology [IIET], Kothamangalam. The aim of this festival was to promote women’s visibility & involvement in open source communities. In fact, we believe that the Internet, FLOSS and computing projects must remain open and participatory. This also means accessible in the same way to all – women and men alike.

The main highlight of this festival is that IIET is a women’s college, so here we got 180+ active WoMoz!!! ( This was my first WoMoz event & I got a lucky chance to coordinate this event ;) ).

The day’s events were divided into two parallel sessions, one being Open Talks, and the other a hands-on Workshop. Our event began with a talk by one of the WoMoz – Vaishakhi who gave an introduction about Mozilla & its mission.

The workshop was mainly aimed to provide the participants awareness on the recent Web Technologies around them. Binoy Balu from CUSAT took classes on HTML 5, CSS3 & Web APIs. The participants were excited to learn new things. There were also workshops on the advantages & technologies behind Firefox OS which was handled by Varghese. Then Sirajul Muneer gave an introductory session on “Fundamentals of developing apps for Firefox OS”, which covered in detail various aspects of developing applications for the OS and the simulator and its available features. Then Kumaresan introduced himself and explained in detail about Webmaker project, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) & Etherpad with live demonstration of the websites.

The seminar was focused on women’s visibility and involvement in Free/Open Source and Mozilla, and to increase the number of women contributors. The talks covered security & privacy issues women face on the internet & some measures to make themselves more secure. The first session in the seminar was handled by Joyal John Peter from SJCET in which he gave a talk on “Women in Internet”, which covered topics like how women can get involved in the internet, FLOSS & other computing projects. He discussed about the privacy issues faced by women and how it could be solved. He gave live demonstrations of some websites which is run by women.

In the afternoon session, we had our first talk by Abid Aboobaker. Various aspects and advantages of Drupal Development were covered by him, along with talks on Internet privacy. Binoy, another Mozillian introduced the usage of git to the budding developers. Abhishek from Wikipedia community detailed on how to contribute to the world’s biggest and open encyclopedia, its ethics and etiquette. Some of the participants edited Wikipedia.

The event was concluded by an eye catching demonstration on robotics using open-source technologies; Open Robotics was performed by Binoy Balu, a student and robotics enthusiast from CUSAT. The veil was finally drawn on the event by some really productive remarks by the participants.

At the beginning of the event, we had asked to the 180+ cheerful girls, “How many of you want to start your own firm?”. Sadly, there were no hands that went up! And I continued asking, “Then what are you going to do after your graduation?” The answers were different – good house wife, good job, teacher, NOTHING. But at the end of the event, I repeated the same questions, the answer was hopeful, a few hands were up and they said “If this many technologies, possibilities and opportunities are around us, why can’t we? Why don’t we?!”Abid Aboobaker shared his experience with us.

We are united by the common goal of promoting women’s visibility and involvement in open source communities. By all accounts, the WoMoz Festival was a big success!


The team behind the success of WoMoz Festival

Check out more pics on Google+

co-authored with womoz captain of the event Sethu Sathyan with the help of Shine Nelson

Womaniya in India

Lourdes Castillo


Womaniya is the event of ‘Mozilla Community Bhopal’, It is Specially for Women Developers to promote ‘WoMoz’ program in India.

This is the first ever WoMoz event for launching, introducing and creating awareness about the program within the Bhopal community as well as we will identify the challenges facing women in technology and ways to solve and increase the number of Women in technology and open source.

The growing access of the web in the late 21th century, has allowed women to empower themselves by using various tools on the Internet. With the introduction of the World Wide Web, women have begun to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to start online activism. Through online activism, women are able to empower themselves by organizing campaigns and voicing their opinions for equality rights without feeling oppressed by members of society.
Womaniya has been the first ever WoMoz event for launching, introducing and creating awareness about the program within the Bhopal community as well as we will identify the challenges facing women in technology and ways to solve and increase the number of Women in technology and open source.

WoMoz: Women + Mozilla: Mozilla is a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together to keep the Internet alive and accessible.

WoMoz is a community composed of members from different Open Source projects. We are mainly dedicated to improving women’s visibility and involvement in Free/Open Source and Mozilla, and to increase the number of women contributors in technology.

The seminar aimed to provide technical knowledge for woman empowerment and the whole program would help in developing a better understanding regarding the tools and technology used nowadays.

Womaniya is basically 2 day event Organized by Mozilla Community Bhopal on International Women’s Day 8th and 9th March 2014 in BHEL Auditorium Bhopal.

This event is getting associated with the Madhya Pradesh Police. Read here (http://komalgandhi-4evevr.blogspot.in/2014/02/womaniya.html)

On 8th March Womaniya started at 10:00 am, the first half dedicated to the Bhopal police department. They have covered Demo on Self Defense, Presentation on Cybercrime, Mahila Help line.

Additional Director General of Police Pawan Jain informed that the knowledge was the primary tool of empowerment and in the current scenario technical knowledge had become important for everyone.

Mozilla’s technical sessions were started from Second half.
We have covered “Introduction to Mozilla and its Products”, “Introduction to WoMoz and Womaniya ”,“ LightBeam ”,“ Quiz and Fun Activities”.

All students enjoyed and even they raised their hands and ask their questions and queries related to mission of Mozilla, and browser tracking – light-beam.

Well, after having an awesome time on the first day we were prepared to make it more awesome for the second day.

On the second day we started 3 simultaneous sessions in the auditorium.
Webmaker Session by Sumantro Rijandal mukhargee

Dev Tools by Soumya Deb

Firefox Student Ambassador by Umesh Agarwal. Then, Faisal Aziz started their session on Localization after that Jafar Muhammed took his session on HTML5, HTML5 crimes and RWD – Responsive Web Designing, Komal was facilitator there.

Continuing with more session on App development and other activities we moved on to quiz and Fun activities.

How we measure success of Womaniya?? (Via metrics)

Metric 1: – Women Developer

Success scenario: – 1 We will get at least 450 + women developers

Result: – 50% completed

Metric 2: -Promote WoMoz

Success scenario: – We promote the WoMoz program

Result: – 100% completed (We were having 4 WoMoz sessions on different topics)

Metric 3: – Creativity

Success scenario: – 100% Women Creativity for Mozilla

Result: – 80% completed

Metric 4: – Fun

Success scenario: – 100%

Result: – 101% completed 😉

Metric 5:- Developing

Success scenario: – Focused development event, we will develop Firefox OS apps, Thimble Templates, and Add-ons.

Result: – 75% completed (we were having these all development sessions, but due to some connection problem we could not develop any app.)

Metric 6: – Teach – Learn – Hack

Success scenario: – Teach hacking tips and lots of knowledge. And learn creative things.

Result: – 100% completed (attendee feedback says they learnt lots of new things)

Metric 7: – Awareness

Success scenario: – 100% – about Open source and Mozilla

Result: – 100% completed (we had a great session on the introduction of Mozilla and about open source by Faisal Aziz sir)

Metric 8: – Webmaker

Success scenario: – To teach attendants how to use the webmaker tools and get innovative makes 100%

Result: – 100% completed

Metric 9: – Media Coverage

Success scenario: – We will spread the word about open source, and mozilla with a local news channel and local newspapers.

Result: – 100% completed


Womaniya has been the first ever 2 day’s events organized by Mozilla Bhopal In association with Madhya Pradesh police. Mozilla Bhopal has all teenage members, we all managed everything nicely. I really thankful to all who contributed to making this event succeed.

Womaniya Team: – Vaibhav Bajaj, Smriti Jain, Shiva Goyal, Jitendra Khasdev, Aartish Kumar, Prince Shankushal, Anju Chandel, Chandan baba, Arpit Singhal, Jai Sharma, Saket jain.

Womaniya Speakers: – Komal gandhi, Soumya Deb, Umesh Agarwal, Jafar Muhammed, Tanha Islam, Sumantro Mukharjee, Faisal Aziz.


Event Pics 1: http://tinyurl.com/nn6m4qk
Events Pics 2: http://tinyurl.com/py6gn9c

Komal mozillian’s profile: She is an under graduate student currently pursuing, her Bachlor of Commerce in Computer Applications from Barkatullah University. Also Completed her ‘SOFTWARE ENGINEERING’ (GNIIT) from NIIT International Institetute. She is a woman in Open Source Community, and proud to be one! Currently contributing to Mozilla in WoMoz, Web Maker Project,and Localization for Hindi in Mozilla India Community. Though am a developer, Keen Mozilla follower, Tech Geek, Web Developer, Mozilla follower and a Mozilla Rep from Bhopal, India. A hardcore mozillian and evangelist, She loves Webmaking, Web Developement and Localization. An open source enthusiast, like to spread the word about it. Here at Mozilla She does her best to contribute, in Webmakers by hosting events and teaching the web, in Firefox OS by teaching how to build apps and hosting events. Like FOSS and open source!

Kudos and credits to the womoz Komal from Mozilla India!

Link: Komal Gandhi