[Part 2]Womoz Update at MozCamp: What’s Been Done, What’s to Come



(Part 1 here)

Since the audio part for the talks given at MozCamp Berlin don’t seem to have come out yet, here’s a summary of what we have talked about at the WoMoz talk given with Clarista during the event (slides can be found here). It can basically be divided into 2 main parts: What’s Been Done, and What’s to Come.

What’s Been Done

So here’s a description of the projects that we’ve mainly been working on since Women & Mozilla started:

  • Interviews (blog and video) presenting women in Mozilla as well as women in Open Source. The main goal being to give more visibility to women in FLOSS
  • Creation of a Bonjour WoMoz (every Thursday) that basically presents Mozilla women and friends. We’ve also created a Planet WoMoz, that syndicates the blogs of Mozilla women
  • 3rd year in a row that we’re working with University of Évry students (Comete Course) on WoMoz and Mozilla related projects
  • Collaboration with other women in FLOSS groups, networking with women in computing groups
  • Open World Forum (2010 edition): Creation of a Gender Equality Group. We then led a brainstorming workshop within the forum in order to create a European Diversity Charter that could be approved by all IT and Open Source companies (still ongoing): http://wiki.april.org/w/OpenWorldForum_GenderEquality%26Diversity
  • Trying to create role models for young girls to identify with
  • Giving talks in classes from primary school to university
  • Numerous and regular talks during events: FOSDEM, Ubuntu Parties, RMLL, JDLL, etc.
  • Launched the 1st PyStar Paris workshop (second to come soon!), thanks to Lukas Blakk’s great initiative. Women gathered in the Mozilla Paris office to learn the basics of Python
  • Organization of meet-ups, workshops, meetings to discuss WoMoz and future projects
  • Surveys to gather the impressions and feedback of women in the Mozilla community, as well as from the entire Mozilla community
  • and more…

What’s to Come

  • The points above are still ongoing, and to that we can add:
  • Working on more local / regional actions: every country and every community is different and we can be even more effective if we increase our regional impact through local projects and events
  • Further increasing our presence in schools (starting in primary), highschools and universities, where young children can be educated about open source and Mozilla. Goal: increasing awareness at an early age about open source technologies and philosophy, both amongst girls and boys. Acting as role models for girls, but also for everyone in general
  • Increasing our presence in wider-public events, such as music festivals or artistic events
  • Creating an on-board guide for new members. This will be in the wiki and will be a step-by-step explanation of how we got involved in our own contribution fields within Mozilla
  • Fact: we need to find more people to write in the blog!
  • Further information and details concerning some of these points can be found on Clarista’s blog post here
  • and more 🙂

A special thanks to the people who attended the talk and came up with GREAT ideas for future projects, which we’ll blog about soon. And remember, if you want to help us out, join us on the WoMoz mailing list or go to our website and join whatever communication tool works best for you!

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