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To celebrate Women’s Day this year, the WoMoz community had decided to share some inspiring stories of different female Mozilla contributors from across the globe. For this, we had asked our WoMoz members to share their stories with us. Stories of their tech journey, stories of their obstacles and hurdles in the open source world and how they overcame those…stories which could inspire others!

To our surprise, we received an overwhelming response from our female contributors, from across the globe. They all had so many awesome stories…they all had so much to share. So here, we collected a few interesting parts of different WoMoz stories:

  • The biggest obstacle that Areej Amer had faced was proving herself! Proving that she could do what people thought was a “guys thing”. She also struggled to encourage other girls to join her in the journey. She went across different cities in her country to show girls that they could do it too and be a part of the amazing technology world and make it even better.
  • Dorothee Danedjo Fouba’s advice to women is to seize the opportunity. She advices all to take the risk! To not be afraid of beginning a new challenge. You need to be focused on your objectives, Try to learn by listening to others. Update your mindset every time after being in contact with inspiring and experienced people. Stay humbled and have and keep faith in God.
  • Estelle Ndedi -Nzalli says that her biggest challenge as a woman in technology is that sometimes women in this field are not taken seriously in her communities. Sometimes they are even marginalized until they prove their capabilities. Their opinions are often questioned by not only men, but also other women of their field.
  • Hakuna Matata’s pledge for last year was to build a bigger commitment with Mozilla by becoming a Mozilla Reps. She says – “I was approved as one of Mozilla Reps in Indonesia on Mozilla’s birthday, March 31st. Such an auspicious day to start doing more and giving more for the community. I wanted to become Reps because I am passionate about community and using community-based organization to make changes. In doing so, I started my Mozilla Reps program by engaging with students from vocational schools in Indonesia. “
  • “I believe in one value that I’m quite sure most people will agree. That is, we want this world to be a better place. So become a Mozillian, spread the web literacy, and telling people how to protect their online privacy is one of my attempts to make this world into a better place. ” – Rizki D Kelimutu
  • Manuela Kouadio inspires women by advising them to be women! She asks them to not wait for men because they are probably waiting for you to give color to their innovation. She advices all women to take your own destiny and enter the opportunities. If on the way you fail it does not matter and it is proof that you are on your way and you go succeed. because success always overcomes failures.
  • Lydienne Charlie says that through the WoMoz programme she learnt that no one should evolve alone society…and that the union makes the strength.
  •  Minette MEYO NDO says – “As a woman working with Mozilla, I’ve learned to always be active, to work hard in order to meet the people we want to train and especially in sharing and solicit people who have more experience than us to do better. The challenges i faced by being a woman in tech are many. People were not accepting that a woman can show them technical things that only men are supposed to do; other people even refused to accept me as such and I had to work hard to earn my place. Today I did it and I’m respected in the field through my work”
  •  As a woman in tech at large, Christine feels that we all have so many challenges. Mainly her environment being reluctant to changes occurring in her life. But this has always acted as motivational factors for her.
  • Ngassa Sophie Monkam says – “Being the Womoz Lead in Bamenda, has given me the unique opportunity to inspire other women in my community. It has created a forum to motivate women’s interest in Technology. As a female Mozillian I have learned that it is never too late to learn new technologies and knowledge is better than silver and gold. I have come to realize that Women are the most influential agents of change in the society.”

All of these and the many other stories which we had read throughout this Women’s Day celebration week has motivated and inspired us in so many ways. Together, we are one big WoMoz family. Wishing everyone a very happy Women’s Day. Thank you all for being an inspiration!

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