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The Women & Mozilla Video Website is live and you can help it grow!

We’ve recently added a video website to our WoMoz project tools. This Website has been created mainly in order to:

  • give everyone access to online video tutorials about Free Software and Mozilla
  • publish interviews of women contributors and portray their outstanding work inside FLOSS communities
  • display video content about the women in computer science / FLOSS subject
  • publish existing conferences done by women in FLOSS and IT

You can all help by uploading video content onto this new site!

If you feel like a video makes sense in regard to the list above, please feel free to submit it directly from the site’s main Home page. (no account necessary to upload videos, just click the “Submit A Video” button and a site administrator will approve them)

The video website is new and we’re still working on improving it (we’ll also be integrating the videos into the main WoMoz site soon). So please don’t hesitate if you have any suggestions concerning it’s further development, we’re all ears.

And last but not least, a *huge* thanks to Janet Dragojevic and to the Miro Community for this video website!

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  1. Sailyne wrote on ::

    Yeah, I love this website. The videos are really interesting. It could be great to interview ppl in the next events and add them to the website. Asking for example for they think of WoMoz and why there are so few women in the IT and Free Software!

  2. Delphine wrote on :

    Thanks Sailyne 🙂

    We’ll be making some videos soon and we hope they’ll help answer these kinds of questions too.
    And of course anyone should also feel free to create their own videos: they can be interviews but also self-made tutorials, presentations, etc. Any idea is welcome!

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