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Back from three days in Barcelona, where I had the opportunity to talk about women’s implication in FLOSS and Mozilla at Podcamp Barcelona.

I’ve written a blog post about this event, which you can find here.

Basically, it was a wonderful opportunity to gather ideas on how to promote and imply more women in open source projects. Many people present agreed that women were under-represented in FLOSS, and that this needs to change.

Some suggestions proposed by the participants, to encourage more women to participate in open source:

– hold small brainstorming sessions after each open source event, gathering all women present
– make tutorials and workshops, reaching out as far as we can to encourage a strong feminine participation & presence
– make “presentation tutorials” for women who would like to make public speeches but who – for one reason or another – have not done so yet
– hold school / high school / college presentations of FLOSS to students, to teach equally to both women and men about open source and computing
– …

Any other ideas come up to your mind?

Please, feel free to add them below in the comments, or create an account on our wiki to submit your ideas in our TODO List page.

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  1. Polprav wrote on ::

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. Delphine wrote on :

    Hi Polprav!
    Sorry for not answering before, we had to do some “comments cleaning”…

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