Women who play to win on Firefox OS App Days USACH in Chile

Lourdes Castillo


App Days USACH is a full of three sessions, starting in August 23rd and finishing in September 6th. Type of event: ‘hacks sessions’ for intermediate level developers. The goal of the App Days is to introduce Firefox OS and Firefox Marketplace, and share knowledge about the tools available to help developers get started building apps to submit to the Marketplace.

The last 6 of September we close the workshop of Firefox OS with a full day of Hackathon. People started sharing their demos of good ideas.

So, I would like to comment in this post about the women who play to win in this hackathon. YAY! Yes, this is our first Firefox OS App Days with lot of women doing applications and the best we have winners. Congratulations to all awesome women developers from Chile!

Urbano Speed (Urban Speed) WINNER APP​​, Karina González [Application Winner] application is available on Firefox Marketplace https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/urbanospeed/ and Github: https://github.com/karangop/urbano-speed

So, the other app created for women, is really awesome. The App is a game called Cuarto Rey (a typical chilean game on holidays) 😛

Cuarto Rey (Fourth King) GAME APP, consisting of Camila Marin, Javiera, Claudia Guzman and the application is available on Firefox Marketplace https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/cuarto-rey and Github: https://github.com/Minina/cuarto-rey

We encourage to Karla and Rosa finish their apps and submit it on Firefox Marketplace. Both of you are amazing. Good job, girls! 🙂

Karla Rojas developer of Mata Conejos

Karla Rojas developer of Mata Conejos

App of Mata Conejos, Karla Rojas. Github is available: https://github.com/JanoSoto/Mata-Conejos

App of Predictor, Rosa Muñoz. Github is available: https://github.com/KrizValentine/Predictor

Kudos and credits to Karina, Javiera, Claudia, Camila, Karla and Rosa, the womoz developers from Chile!

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