WoMoz in Dakar !



For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a French contributor based in Paris who writes the Bonjour Mozilla blog posts.

I’m in Dakar right now with some other Mozilla folks from the Paris office in order to participate in the birth of Mozilla Senegal! We are doing presentations in schools, leading workshops, and answering a lot of questions.

They’ve asked me to speak about women in Open Source, so I’ll do a WoMoz presentation this Saturday. I can’t wait! It’s very interesting because it seems that there are much more women here in the Open Source community than in Europe. On Saturday 23rd, we went to a Drupal Camp to meet the Open Source community in Dakar. The Dakar Lug told us that they have 17% women in their community! Indeed, there were more women than I have ever seen in such an event. It was great! Furthermore, there were quite a few women developers there. So I’ll try to discover why and how they managed to attract women.

What I can tell you for the moment is that, since we’ve arrived here, we are lucky to meet so many motivated people: they ask us a lot of questions, and they tell us how much they need Mozilla. They also told us that they had the feeling they had been forgotten for a long time, whereas they wanted to be a part of Mozilla. They want an open and “hackable” Internet. They want to participate in this adventure, and they described to us exactly what they need. Some of them also expect to create their society upon Mozilla technologies. They want to improve their future, and they think Mozilla is good for this.

Of course, I’ll give feedback after and write a blog post to let you all know how it went.

Please, if you have some questions, tell me! I’ll try to answer it soon.


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