WoMoz will be present at the FOSDEM event this year (6-7th of February 2010, in Brussels, Belgium) and holding some side sessions during the week-end. These sessions will mainly consist in brainstorming and establishing a 2010 Roadmap for the Women & Mozilla project. Both women and men are welcome to participate in these sessions if they are interested.

  • Goals of the WoMoz Gathering at FOSDEM
    • interact with women developers present at FOSDEM and encourage them to participate in the FOSDEM WoMoz sessions
    • try to draw more European developer profiles into participating and contributing in WoMoz and Mozilla
    • establish some kind of 2010 Roadmap for the WoMoz project: open a dedicated wiki page for this and start it during fosdem, in order to leave fosdem with something concrete to continue after the event
  • Proposed Topics
    • schedule still TBD exactly, so feel free to suggest any ideas for talks / discussions by sending me an email here: delphine at mozilla  dot com. We’ll have a dedicated room for the sessions at least 2 hours on both Saturday and Sunday mornings to discuss these topics
    • establish a WoMoz Roadmap for 2010 and finish tying up “loose ends”
    • finish the discussion on how to get organized: who wants to do what?
    • the importance of being visible
    • ongoing projects
    • how to collaborate efficiently with other existing women’s groups?
  • Propose a Topic to Discuss during the WoMoz Sessions

As the exact WoMoz schedule has not been determined yet, feel free to suggest topics you’d like to discuss then!

You can do so by either:

–  leaving a comment under this post

–  sending me an email: delphine at mozilla dot com

Thank you

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