WoMoz has a Logo!



We are proud to announce that we have an official logo for the WoMen & Mozilla project!

Thanks to all your great submissions and to the community voting, we can now reveal that the grand winner of the WoMoz logo is… (rolling of drums…):

WoMoz Chicks!

Congratulations to Anamaria Stoica, who made a beautiful and expressive design. (can’t wait to see this logo come out on a poster or tshirt)

We’ve updated our wiki, blog, Facebook, and so on with our brand new logo.

Thanks again to all those who participated, voted, and basically helped us out with this!

Note on Logos: all WoMoz logos are under Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike v 3.0

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  1. William wrote on :

    I just looooove this logo. Great job Anamaria!

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