WoMoz Meeting Notes (April 30)



Meeting Agenda and Notes can be found here: https://womoz.etherpad.mozilla.org/30-04-13

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday MAY 15TH AT 16:00 UTC, irc channel #womoz

Project Highlights:

  • Our new logo creation is looking good! Good progress there. Mozilla Creative team is going to help out and give us some design options from which to choose from within the next few weeks
  • Swag will therefore be created and distributed for local WoMoz events, once the logo is done
  • WoMoz committee is now formed. We are still open for one more person, in order to have an uneven number in the committee (for the moment we are 4). In the meantime the committee will start getting organized and start performing its tasks. Some of the things the committee will initially focus on are:
    • Coordinate WoMoz effort around the world, in local communities
    • Driving ideas for increased participation of local WoMoz Reps
    • Work with Recruiting/Engagement teams to grow women’s presence at our events (that aren’t organized by WoMoz) eg: Hack Days
  • Want to join and help out in the WoMoz project? Choose an area here to participate!

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