WoMoz Meeting Notes (May 15th)



Meeting Agenda and Notes can be found here: https://womoz.etherpad.mozilla.org/15-05-13

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday MAY 28TH AT 20:00 UTC, irc channel #womoz

Project Highlights:

  • Some WoMoz members to attend AdaCamp, in San Francisco! The conference takes place during two days, from 8-9th of June. As Mozilla women community members, we are very proud to be able to participate in this event. Thank you Reps program for helping us bring women from far away so they can participate.
  • We are now 6 WoMoz committee members. More update about this to come soon.
  • Welcome Elvia who will help us out with the website! 🙂
  • Major website redesign and update on the works
  • Upcoming WoMoz local events:

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