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WoMoz held its first meeting last Thursday, November 19th on IRC channel #mozillawomen. The Meeting Notes can be found here.

We created a dedicated section for WoMoz meetings in the Mozilla Wiki Community Calendar, as well as the WoMoz Meetings wiki page.

From now on, we will be holding Women & Mozilla meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month. The meetings will take place on IRC channel #mozillawomen, at 18:00 UTC / 10:00a Pacific.

We’ll be focusing more on IRC meetings as many prefer using this way of communication for the moment. Since this has worked out fine last time, we’ll continue until we see it becomes better or necessary to hold calls as well.

Quick update on project:

  • Improving the wiki: structure, content, menus, integration of different websites
  • Creating a survey: Why are there so few women in Open Source? Is it that they leave or don’t join in the first place? (feel free to leave your opinion about this in the comments below if you wish!)
  • Creating a section that emphasizes how important it is that women already implicated in open source be more visible
  • Making a video interview

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