womoz.org x Dress-Lace Plus Midi Jumper Lace Dress


womoz.org x Dress-Lace Plus Midi Jumper Lace Dress – Crew Neckline / Ribbed Cuffs / Brushed Wool Blend

Midi jumpers are youthful and fun look which makes any young women look great. This womoz.org dress-lace online brushed wool blend lace dress is colored blocked and striped. The wool this dress is made of is low maintenance and can be machine washed. This makes it a wonderful carefree item to have in your closet. The long sleeve arms are navy blue as is the crew neckline and a band at the hemline. This creates a color blocking effect which nicely off sets the get and navy blue striped body. These stripes are a mid-width which in a horizontal design. It has a hemline which comes just below the knee. This is a great dress to wear with chunky heels or boots. Add a long strapped handbag or a large hobo bag to give this lace dress a truehipster feel. No matter what you choose to pair with this dress, you will look wonderful.