WoMoz Update: 2010/03/03



It’s been a while since the last WoMoz update. FOSDEM has been an update in itself thanks to the WoMoz side-sessions we have led there. Here’s what’s happened in the WoMoz project since then:

  • WoMoz IRC Meetings are now held twice a month, at 17:00 UTC (9am PST). More info here
  • We’ve finished establishing our WoMoz 2010 Roadmap during the last meeting: Roadmap and Last Meeting Notes
  • Currently working on the first tasks of the 2010 WoMoz Roadmap: contacting
    community leaders
  • Continuing the organization of specific teams within Womoz: survey team, webdesign team, l10n team, etc.
  • Working on creating a WoMoz Planet: aggregating WoMoz community blog posts on the WoMoz Blog
  • The Webdesign team is still working on rebuilding the WoMoz Website: integrating the wiki, blog and video site
  • Really cool video by Lukas Blakk about Women in Open Source during FOSDEM 2010 has been integrated in the WoMoz Video Website here: http://womoz.mirocommunity.org/video/153/fosdem-2010-video-women-in-ope

Update on WoMoz Participants (data as of March 3rd, 2010):

  • Wiki: 26 users (so people editing the wiki and working directly and regularly on the project’s evolution)
  • IRC: generally around 20 online in the European Time Zone

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