WoMoz Updates and Meetings



Women & Mozilla meetings have changed in 2012!

In fact, our meetings are now held every second Wednesday, at 16:00 UTC (8am Pacific), on IRC channel #womoz (irc://irc.mozilla.org/womoz)

For a complete list of our past and future meetings, as well as a list of all our agendas and meeting notes, please visit the Mozilla Wiki here.

Next meeting will be held tomorrow, Wednesday November 21, 2012. Here is the Agenda for the meeting: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/WoMozMeeting21-11-12

Please feel free to add topics you would like to see discussed during the meeting. Please note that everyone is welcome to participate at WoMoz meetings! 🙂

Here are our last meeting notes: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/WoMozMeeting07-11-12

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s meeting and notes!

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