WoMoz Warangal’14

Hema Bhanu


This time Mozilla Club Warangal came up with this extremely wonderful event especially for girls-“WoMoz Warangal’14”.Actually,we planned this event on 9th august,but due to few reasons we preponed it to 28th july.God has a reason behind everything that happens.And yea,this event made my opinion strong.Cause,if we would have done it on 9th,we wouldn’t have got this huge response.

As we preponed the event,we were under lot of pressure,my joining date was nearing and the only thing that I had in my mind is to make this event and make female students be part of open source and mozilla community.I was ready for the challenge.”When god has put something on my heart to do,I can do it”,I strongly believed in this.I made the mozillians and my friends this thought of mine.And,the team responded so positively that they immediately reacted and we started planning accordingly.

We only had a week time in our hands and we didn’t waste a single day.We spent each and every day in making preparations.We even went for campaigning to reach maximum female students.We released a teaser for this event and we did all those things that we planned to do on 9th.may be we couldn’t have done this wonderful if it was on 9th.The only objective is to increase female contribution in FOSS and Mozilla.

Finally,the day has come and we got into action.We executed our plan well,all the teams co-operated so well.Though it was raining heavily that day,we got our target participants.Around 250 girls from various engineering colleges came up to the venue.When I went into the auditorium,I was shocked to it packed and we started it by a formal inaguration and after that we started with the sessions.In the morning session,I covered the womoz and then on I moved with the basic concepts of Javascript and it was a Hands-on session.After the lunch,we divided the strength into two batches who can choose either Webmaker or Localization where app development and firefox os were made mandatory.All these were Hands-on sessions.Later,we collected video feedbacks.Certificates were distributed to all the participants and the active participants were shortlisted and asked to collect goodies.

At the end of the day,trust me,we were able to satisfy all the 250 participants and am very much sure that this program gonna give community a good number of female contributors.My Inbox overflew with messages.I received around 70-80 mails who felt that this event really helped them knowing the WoMoz platform and many of them wanted to have a womoz club in their college and asked to conduct many such events.



I am overwhelmed with such an awesome response.I am so happy that I met the event metrics and especially made the participants feel a worthy day.It’s time to mention few people whom you can consider as the hero’s of the event:Hemanth,Ajay Jogawath,Bhargav Gupta and Maniraj, Who worked so hard and encouraged me.Santhosh-Rep from Hyderabad,who came here without any hesitation and who took the app development session.The Balaji college Mozilla club members:Vijay,Bala and Sandeep.The registration desk members:Bharathi,Sindhu,Srujana,etc,who are also now the members of WoMoz Warangal Group and The person who captured these memorable event:Samarpan Raj.My Mentor Mr.Gautam Raj,who is very supportive.The man behind the designing and teaser creation:Akash Harsha.The Jayamukhi Group Of Institutions for providing the venue.Each one of you,thak you so much for being with me and making this possible.Above all,to all the female participants,Thank you so much and WoMoz is ready to welcome you all!!

Yes,am proud of organising such a wonderful event and yes,”We Women make Web better” :).
These are the links of flickr and feedback videos,hope you like them 😀
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ajayjogawath/sets/72157646066686232/
Youtube,Feedback vidoes: http://youtu.be/LofvoJu-lO0

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