WoMoz Workshops at FOSDEM (update)



Women & Mozilla will be holding two brainstorming workshops in Brussels (Belgium) on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of February, on the side of the FOSDEM event.

The main goal of these workshops will be to establish a 2010 Roadmap for the WoMoz project.

A daily agenda has been established for both workshops. The various items contained in the two daily agendas will be subject to discussion. By the end of the week-end, we should have defined our roadmap for the year and determined how to achieve these 2010 goals – our main and number 1 goal being to increase the number of women contributors in Mozilla, and by extension in FLOSS.

Discussions will be held in a more informal way and we encourage attendees to participate actively during the brainstorming.  The workshops will be open to all (men are welcome to participate, as in all WoMoz activities).

On Sunday at 1:00pm Alix Cazenave and Delphine Lebédel will be holding a 10min talk in the Mozilla DevRoom in order to present WoMoz to the communities and sum up our week-end workshops.

During the Fosdem event, WoMoz will also have a section at the main Mozilla booth (with brand new badges, flyers and stickers), so don’t hesitate to drop by!  😉


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